Home Startup People Solutions Company, LearnFluence, announces the launch of MTM - "The Must-Have HR Delivery Model for Future Forward Organisations"

Startup People Solutions Company, LearnFluence, announces the launch of MTM - "The Must-Have HR Delivery Model for Future Forward Organisations"

Press Release: November 26, 2020

Mumbai, 26 November, 2020: The Enterprise HR Solutions division of LearnFluence Strategic Solutions today announced the launch of Moments That Matter (MTM), a plug-n-play HR service delivery model for the enterprise in the Post-Covid "new normal." When asked about this offering, Shivani Panchmatia, LearnFluence's Director of Enterprise HR Solutions elaborated, "MTM is a HR Delivery Model that we have designed to be future proof, and it will work for any organisation that wants to sustain in the foreseeable future." 

When we asked Shivani why any organisation would opt for MTM, she explained, "They would, because it is the need of the hour. Organisations are coming to term with the fact that life, as we knew it for so long, has completely changed. Employees need a different kind of support from their employers. And most HR teams are not equipped to function properly in this new normal. Old policies, old ways of working are no longer sustainable. They can take stop gap measures, but that will most certainly fail in the long term. MTM is what they need."

Shivani claims that MTM  "brings the Human factor back in HR, and it is the need of the hour." She and her team have designed MTM to be Employee Experience focused, while utilising the full potential of existing HR teams, reducing overhead expenses and dependency on external vendors. It will grow and change with the organisation, regardless of the scale and impact of the next show stopping world event. And it's cost effective. 

"The world will be a different place after 2020. Organizations need to refocus. For so long, we have been focusing on driving efficiency with process, tools, automation, outsourcing. In the process, the human capital started to get neglected. And now, more than ever, organizations have to show their human face. MTM was the result of our efforts of helping them get there. I can confidently say it will drive the transformation for our clients front and centre, increase employee engagement, and change the way companies utilise their human capital investments. " Shivani said. 

LearnFluence is a new entrant in the learning and HCM sector, but is being led by some very reputable industry stalwarts with a wealth of experience and a great body of work. With MTM, they have certainly announced their arrival in style and the industry will watch with interest as MTM sets out to capture the HR Delivery Model market.


About LearnFluence Strategic Solutions: LearnFluence Strategic Solutions is an Enterprise Learning and HR Solutions firm based out of Kolkata India. Founded by thought leaders from the learning and HR industries, LearnFluence provides future forward and sustainable learning and HR solutions to organisations around the world. 

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