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StartInBusinessGuides Offers Training for a Staging Home Business

Press Release: April 20, 2010

April 20, 2010 Kent, UK StartInBusinessGuides UK an online business resource center featuring a collection of business plans in different niche businesses, offered training with their home staging business plan package for £360. Full training on the staging and property styling home business and professional home staging accreditation was provided by the home staging network for trainees who successfully accomplished the training.

With StartInBusinessGuides UK, trainees were provided with a distance learning pack and online support services. By successfully completing the training on the home business, trainees were able to work on a part time or full time basis from home with the skills and knowledge that they learned from the distance learning pack. Trainees were able to get substantial income from the home business and start a successful career with the training guide provided by StartInBusinessGuides.

The distance learning pack for the staging and property styling home business provided trainees with 2 training DVDs, a home staging business eBook contained in a CD, a 240 pages training manual, online training resources, and other materials.

For the first home staging business training DVD, trainees were given tips about property styling and information on how the home business operates. The 2 hour DVD featured 8 real home staging projects and showed how the home staging projects were transformed by home staging business owners.

With the second training DVD, trainees were shown how they could attain profit with a home staging and property styling business. The DVD contained advices on how trainees could start the home business and market it to customers.

Once the trainee completed the home business training and submitted their assessments, the trainees were then evaluated and provided with the Professional Staging Accreditation and certificate.

With the home business training materials and Professional Staging certification, trainees were able to effectively start up and manage a home staging and project styling business. For more information on how to get the training pack for the home business, please visit http://www.startinbusinessguides.co.uk/

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StartInBusinessGuides UK is dedicated in providing business plans and other quality information products in various niche businesses such as a home business or service outsourcing business. StartInBusinessGuides also offer the affiliate scheme for entrepreneurs wanting to earn extra income. Entrepreneurs can also earn for up to 25 to 50% off the sales value with the income sent through checks or bank transfer.

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