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Start your own Business with App Like Uber

Press Release: July 20, 2020

World is moving at a great pace, Everyone is busy in their own worlds, living hectic lives. People want quick solutions for their problems. This problem was solved by innovation of mobile application, from tv mechanics to car washer, grocery to fast food delivery, everything is now available on a phone tap. We are living in a fast moving era. Where people prefer taxi’s over buying their own car. Busy roads, high car maintenance cost, high pollution have let people adopt taxis in their daily lives. Taxi revolution was started by Uber, it started with the concept of connecting a rider with a driver. This concept went viral and was adapted by a lot of startups. Now they are operating as a billion dollars company. This success report and demand has attracted young minds and startups to take taxi business as an opportunity. To lay the stone they need to come up with an innovative and feature-rich uber clone app. Coming with new and innovative mobile application can establish your brand in the market. Let's discuss some of the features offered by the taxi clone app to its customers.

Feature-Rich Customer Application

Price Calculator: Rider can check the estimated amount by just entering the pickup and drop point. Customers can compare the prices in peak hours and normal hours. Generally taxi companies charge extra 15% during high demand and less availability. Uber clone script automatically adjust peak time and adjust pricing accordingly.

Instant Push Notifications: Extremely important to inform both the driver and the rider. Everytime ride request is placed the driver gets a pop up notification and accepting the ride request user gets a ride accept notification. Instant notifications keep both informed.

Geolocation or Live Location Tracking: Users can check driver location when a riding request is placed. This also adds safety measures for the company.

Ride Reviews: Users can rate the ride based on their experience. This allows you to know your business weakness and strengths. By knowing and working on weaknesses you can convert them into brand strengths.

Right Time to Invest

Worldwide ride-hailing business is growing, and it is expected to grow at double rate by the year 2023. It is the right time to invest in an uber like app, before entering the market develop an application that is best suited for your business and location that you are targeting.

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