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Start-up tackles hefty lockdown energy bills with free service

Press Release: May 06, 2020

A London based start-up launches free energy efficiency advice to help households cut utility bills by up to £500 per year. As little as 10 questions via online chat or call are enough to calculate the energy efficiency of a home and identify problem areas where the most energy is wasted.

The Coronavirus pandemic is creating uncertainty for many households, as energy bills shoot up by 30% during lockdown. Households are under even greater pressure since many people have become unemployed or were put on furlough.

“The average home wastes up to 40% of the energy residents pay for and now more than ever it’s important for consumers to take control of their energy bills. Most people do not realise that simple fixes such as changing your lightbulbs, draft-proofing your windows and doors, and choosing a green energy provider can have a noticeable impact on their home’s energy efficiency and energy bills.”, founder Hristos Pasiamis says.

Anyone can take advantage of the free service by visiting www.eterno-uk.com/energy-bill-saver

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