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Start Next Semester The Way You Mean To Go On...In A Slanket!

Press Release: December 03, 2009

So, the time has come to leave home. Youve had an exciting summer saving up and waiting patiently for your new university lifestyle to begin and now youre there, you cant quite believe just how amazing it is! Everyone always says that school and university days are the best days of your life and theyre not wrong. So once youve survived Freshers Week, its time to think long and hard about the reason you applied in the first place.

To spend days and nights on end in the student bar, conjuring up the latest moneymaking scheme? To spend your student loan in the first week? Or is it to knuckle down and get yourself a degree? Which ever path you decide to choose, theres no denying youll spend a lot of your time curled up on the sofa watching Jeremy KyleI meanmemorising your textbook! Keep your worrying mum happy and wrap up warm this winter in the snug and stylish Slanket.

Designed by Gary Clegg, a student himself, the Slanket is based on the needs of keeping warm whilst watching the tele, playing computer games and occasionally reading textbooks. Whilst visiting his parents in Maine during his first year Christmas break, Gary was annoyed with the practicality of an ordinary blanket. He wondered to himself how so many people struggle through life constantly pulling the blanket back up around their necks every time they reach for the remote control. It was on a sub-zero night in December that the Slanket was born.

So what is this perfect student garment? The Slanket is a gigantic fleece blanket with practical sleeves. No more struggling to study when youre frozen to the core; just wrap yourself up in a Slanket and youll soon get through that textbook on Taxation Law! Its super soft material is even machine washable so when you inevitably drop a slice of meat feast pizza down your front, dont despair, just bung it in the machine and youll be warm (and clean) again in next to no time. If youre still not sure how to use the washing machine, take it the nearest launderette and theyll give you a helping hand. Measuring a whopping 2.4 metres x 1.5 metres, the Slanket really is the ultimate snuggle for any student!

The Slanket also makes a fantastic Christmas present for all ages. Is your housemate constantly moaning of the cold even though its sunny outside? Dont turn the heating up and cause a huge bill; buy her a Slanket and shell be smiling all the way to the summer semester. Or maybe your brother has gone off to university this year and you, being the caring sister that you are, are worried about him catching colds? Wrap him up in a cotton wool like Slanket and hell be praising you for your thoughtful present. In an ultra-cool Slanket you can waste hours on Facebook, download study guides off Wikipedia and even go to lectures in it, if you so wish!

So if youre looking for a university essential thats first class, look no further than Find Me A Gift and their student-savvy Slankets!

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