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Starlight talents adapts internationals artists to international stage

Press Release: May 22, 2020


One of India’s leading artist management company based in Mumbai is now providing online entertainment services, The agency was one of the first to fly down foreign artist in the country India in 2004. The need aroused when  Bollywood producers started finding it expensive to shoot song sequences abroad. Starlight quickly realized that it would be a great idea to get a bunch of foreign artist that could be used in these sequences, which would motivate the producers to shoot songs here.


Ever since Starlight has been flying down all kinds of artist from musicians to magicians and everything in between.  They have been associated some prestigious sporting events like the IPL, world hockey, Kabadi etc. These guys were curating acts using Indian as well as foreign talent. They were about to do a grand event for a launch of one of India’s biggest malls, when ever thing came to a stand still. 


 Since the pandemic has brought the event industry to a halt. Artist that came from foreign countries had to be sent back paying heavy amounts on flight tickets. Before that they were accommodated for days without work. Besides the heavy investments made on these artists and others to create extravagant shows that contributed in adding up to the losses. Starlight has one of the biggest portfolio of international artists in India


Artists are jobless in quarantine for almost two months now. They all need work desperately. Event and artist companies also have lots of recurring expenses to meet with each month. Therefore the entire industry is looking out for ways to sustain itself. 


Mr. Warren D’Souza director of Starlight model & talent management Pvt. Ltd. says, “Lots of our projects stand canceled in the month of March, April & May causing heavy losses. We had to come up with something to sustain our business. Necessity is the mother of innovation.


We have bought our entire entertainment package on to the online stage.” He believes firmly that this is going to be the only way people will be able to get customised entertainment. He adds, “Its going to be a while before life gets back to normal”.  


“The online entertainment is the future which will have its own pros and cons. Lower cost is one important factor that will help this grow”.   

Starlight has a wide array of artist that are ready to entertain audiences online. There are some innovate ideas that have been incorporated to make these experiences memorable. 

Entertainment is a very important part of our life. Starlight has therefore started taking bookings for different occasions like birthday parties, anniversaries, baby showers, etc. 


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