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St Valentine's Day London car parking problems solved

Press Release: February 05, 2010


With a 24 hour tube strike set to hit on St Valentines Day February 14 2010, there isnt a lot of love for either LUL or the RMT from Londons hard pressed commuters. With the prospect of travel chaos at the weekend and start of the week, many people planning Valentines Day celebrations might be forced to put their plans on hold. But not customers of 247 Parking.

We were planning to go out for a romantic night the day after Valentines Day. Weve had a baby sitter arranged for weeks. We werent about to let anything spoil this. We know that parking is going to be chaotic on Sunday and Monday, says Emma Morgan, of Brighton. Fortunately I have a parking space reserved in the West End where I work. It means that my partner and I can enjoy a night out on Monday to celebrate Valentines Day without worrying about tickets or struggling back to Victoria to catch the over crowded and unreliable last train home. Were having a meal at Hakkasan, our favourite Chinese restaurant, before going to see Legally Blonde at the Savoy Theatre.

Chris Fowler lives in Redcar, drives into London every day and has a space reserved near his office on Euston Road.

It has worked out brilliantly for me and my partner. When we heard about the strike we were initially a bit anxious. Weve had tickets for Babyshambles at Koko for weeks and Im so relieved that we dont have to worry about leaving the car. All were worried about now is whether or not Pete Doherty will actually turn up to play the gig.

And one customer that just HAS to find a space on Sunday is Dan Lane of Rochester, Kent.

Even at weekends parking can be a problem. Ive had tickets when Ive parked in places that I was certain were free parking zones. And despite traffic being quieter, Ive still driven for ages around Chelsea looking for a safe place to leave the car. Sometimes as much as an hour!
Im planning to propose this week. Given the things Im going to have to worry about from now on, at least turning up late at my girlfriends flat because I couldnt find a parking space isnt one of them!

247 Parking wishes Dan well and hopes that he gets the right answer when he pops the question.

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