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SpringUp and Ideas to Impact Declare a Strategic Partnership to enable Startups to scale globally

Press Release: March 27, 2020

SpringUp Capital; an early stage tech startup accelerator and micro-VC focused on supporting technology startups to scale European and US markets; today announced the collaboration with Ideas to Impacts Incubator; to build a collaborative ecosystem for global technology start-ups; build a funding network; jointly mentor and scale up business globally.

Both parties agree to work collaboratively for the effective and efficient engagement towards strengthening and streamlining innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem development. 


This partnership not only involves mentoring and investing but also identifying opportunities to kickstart new ventures in partnership with local startups. As the true potential of entrepreneurship in India is being unlocked, the perception of startups as high risky ventures is transforming into those promising high-yield opportunities. This, coupled with the government’s vision of Startup India, promises an exciting future for the entrepreneurial ecosystem to thrive at the national and international level, with more startups from the Indian community creating global level impact and becoming part of the larger entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world.


Tushar Shetty, CEO of Ideas to Impacts Incubator summarizes the development as “We are excited to partner with SpringUp Capital; together both the accelerators will jointly develop the local start-up ecosystem. This partnership helps us to scale up our portfolio companies globally and allow Indian start-ups to have access to global mentors; this way we all can grow”.


The key to success of our Incubator is three-fold,’ Tushar said. ‘First, the physical space is exclusive to early & growth stage B2B Tech Startups. Second, space occupants include mentors – entrepreneurs and business leaders who have the know-how and are ready to counsel these early-stage firms. Third, having access – not guarantees, but access – to capital, ideally from inhouse venture capitalists and angel investors who are also in the same physical space. Having all parties together allows for mutually beneficial partnerships to occur.


“We are excited about this partnership, as I2I Incubator has a mature and grown ecosystem in India and we are willing to explore mutual possibilities of funding, mentoring and scaling Indian and global start-ups. Together we will implement various collaborative programs with a view to create synergy to drive business value to all the stakeholders”. Said a statement from SpringUp Capital. 


About I2I Incubation: I2I Incubator is one of the largest Tech Incubation Centre in Pune (India) with total of 20000 sqft area. The incubator is being set up to support early-stage companies and create a strong ecosystem of stakeholders that are meaningful for the early-stage startup ecosystem. The incubator is one of the grantees of Niti Aayog. The Incubator also houses a 10 Million Dollar SEBI fund which invests in B2B Tech Seed stage startups.

About SpringUp Capital: SpringUp Capital is a Micro-VC fund and Scale-Up Accelerator; focusing on spotting, funding, mentoring and scaling start-ups. Supported by strong accelerator program, SpringUp enables start-ups across the world to find market to scale. Spring Up Capital is supported by global investment, global accelerator programs and technology start-up ecosystem, who will enable global technology companies to grow their business by providing expertise, ecosystem and capital for the growth.

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