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Spring Clean your Kitchen

Press Release: March 25, 2010

Whether youre moving home and want to kick-start your new life by getting the kitchen up and running or simply could do with a change to your existing one, Kitchenware Express has everything youll need under one roof.

The Kitchenware Express starter packs are especially popular these days, when everyone is busy and under pressure of one kind and another, with little time to shop around. Students in particular are prone to skipping on decent meals, forgetting that a balanced and healthy diet is important for brain work, and the Prestige Essential Student Kitchen Pack will suit them perfectly. The multi-purpose cookware serves a range of kitchen needs without cluttering the place up, so minimizing dishwashing the bane of most cooks. Tools for creating delicious pizzas are a feature of this pack, so theres a cheese grater and pizza cutter as well as can openers and an oven tray for casseroles, as well as a chip pan.

The Prestige New Home Starter Pack is ideal for anyone moving into a new house, or for a facelift to replace worn-out existing kitchen equipment. With 15 pieces, it fulfils the needs of most cooks working outside of top restaurants, enabling them to create great meals from most recipes. The five items of cookware and seven tools such as serving tongs, and three oven dishes, can form the nucleus for a more comprehensive set of kitchen equipment as you settle in to your new home.

The starter packs are just a taste of what Kitchenware Express has to offer. Even if youre already happy with your kitchen set-up, youll find some great bargains to pick up when your hard-worked kitchen equipment inevitably reaches the end of its life. Try out the prestigious Circulon range by taking advantage of regular promotions. These durable products come with a lifetime guarantee and are used by professionals, and come in an attractive choice of colours to brighten up any kitchen.

Whether youre after pressure cookers, stockpots, cookware sets or anything else to complement your existing equipment or make a fresh start, youre sure to find it at Kitchenware Express.

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