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Spottabl announces an upskilling partnership with GLEAC to create an “exclusive club” of expert recruiters

Press Release: July 08, 2020

Spottabl powered recruiter marketplace allows micro-practices and Behavioural benchmark assessments built specifically for recruiters of the future

July 8th 2020, Bangalore, Dubai: Spottabl, a SaaS enabled talent discovery platform augmented by a marketplace of on-demand recruiters, today announced a new learning partnership with GLEAC, to measure human skills as a fundamental competence for recruiters of the future. With the advent of bots to solve transactional and efficiency needs in recruitment cycles, recruiters need tools to sharpen their individual human skills based on a personalized upskilling journey. This partnership helps recruiters achieve success while improving the quality of nurturing within their candidate networks. 

The benefits for recruiters include;

  •  With their Spottabl badge powered by GLEAC, both candidates and companies will seek them out like Harvard Alums - A unique prestige in their careers to become "industry experts" resulting in more clients and higher incomes 
  • Recruiters will have superior human skills required for their job to better choose, facilitate and succeed for a client. This translates to less time spent making more money.  
  • Recruiters will get to deliver the best client experiences they have ever delivered and don’t risk losing a client again
  • Recruiters with their CPD certifications can also showcase their credentials and have a clear and measurable competitive advantage against other recruiters. These credentials also move along with them in any future job roles they take, within or outside the sector. 

“Spottabl has been on a mission to democratize recruitment for Startups & Hyper-Growth companies. As an important part of our ecosystem, what differentiates good recruiters from the great are their constant thirst to upskill to stay relevant. To create an exclusive network of expert recruiters, we wanted to bring value by providing them with industry relevant and timely micro-learning human skills benchmarks that improve their recruiting skills”, says Vanishri Deshpande, Founder & CEO, Spottabl. “In our endeavour to revolutionize human potential, we felt our partnership with GLEAC has been strategic in elevating the need for recruiters of the future to upskill, enabling them to provide a frictionless and an enriched experience for candidates and companies.”

“We cannot recognize in others what we do not first recognize in ourselves. Spottabl is stepping away from the pack and saying to recruiters the gap may not be only between job seekers and those offering jobs,  it might be us, the human matchmakers. It is an opportunity for us to turn the mirror on ourselves and up our own game to serve our customers better and faster. GLEAC’s benchmarking science powering Spottabl’s Recruiter Assessment will help you change the conversation quickly and drive the future of recruitment” says Sallyann Della Casa, Founder & Chief Identity Hacker at GLEAC. “Our platform was recently noted as helping employers and employees to map and measure soft skills gaps for any job and helps improve job performance readiness” she added.

“Post Covid-19, in a very unregulated sector, recruiters need all the help they can get to succeed. The Spottabl Recruiter Assessment powered by GLEAC was one-of-a-kind that gave me holistic insights about myself while accurately calling out my areas of improvement as a recruiter. Furthermore, the assessment also helps one understand if their personality is relevant to their current profession and recommended the necessary micro-learnings to improve my human skills while interacting with candidates and clients,” says Ravi Wadhwa, Founder - Acquihire.in 

About Spottabl: Spottabl is a SaaS enabled platform for companies to discover qualified talent, augmented by recruiters on cloud. Spottabl provides a unique job discovery experience with an outcome focused AI/ML-technology that startups and high growth companies can leverage to deliver a one-of-a-kind candidate experience. Companies like Dream11, Vedantu, Rupeek, Chargebee and Acko are using Spottabl to better nurture and engage with their talent, help fulfil their aspirations while creating a frictionless hiring experience.

To learn more about Spottabl, please visit: www.spottabl.com


GLEAC measures and develops your gaps in human soft skills for any job in 10 minutes a day using A.I. It uses a patent pending process of measuring your behaviours, with its British Psychology approved benchmark, and mapping them to unique upskilling journeys that are situationally based for your job role or industry.  It then provides you what perfect answers look like and coaching from your industry peers through the anonymous viewing of their answers on the same situations. GLEAC was recently noted by FORBES Magazine as helping “ employers and employees to “map and measure soft skills gaps for any job and helps improve job performance readiness. It’s clients and partners include Accenture, People Strong, PWC and many other global corporate and educational organizations focused on the future of work including Spottabl.

To learn more about GLEAC, please visit: www.gleac.com

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