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SpotnRides Updates its Best Uber Clone to Accelerate Ride-Hailing Business in 2021

Press Release: December 21, 2020


The world is getting ready to celebrate the new year 2021 after the huge pandemic that has serious influences on the business model and its practices. Besides the specific revenue loss, this also brings indefinite startup opportunities, especially in on-demand service industries. One such platform namely ride-hailing is in need of acceleration as per customer needs. SpotnRides provides a feasible solution for this acceleration via its revamped uber clone with demanding features.   

Taking the ride-hailing services to the next level as per the market fluctuations and the customer preferences are the important one in 2021. Building a solid new customer base and retaining the existing customers are serious issues for the startup owners in the ride-hailing industry. On the basis of these, SpotnRides updates its best uber clone with unique features for retaining the end-users in the business model. 

The dedicated driver interface in the revamped uber clone from SpotnRides integrated with the multi-vehicle selection, safety rating, multi-currency preferences that bring the unique onboarding experience to the drivers. Then, the customers are also beneficial with the essential features like trip-sharing, a favorite trip with the favorite driver, and the pre-scheduling of corporate travels that increases the service bookings in real-time. 

SpotnRides is a premier player in ride-hailing app development and has numerous years of experience in handling market fluctuations and the customer’s preferences. Today, the SpotnRides stands by launching various service booking solutions to empower the on-demand multi-service business and bring more entrepreneurs into the industrial market. Irrespective of the service size, SpotnRides registered its unique pace in providing an impressive business model with a unique feature set. 

“Business model update as per the current trends must be an essential one for those who participated in the on-demand industry. 2021 is the year of the on-demand service booking apps where the ride-hailing services to be updated with the trending features in order to build a solid customer base.” said CEO, SpotnRides. “The redefined our familiar uber clone app platform with the demanding features will be the perfect model to accelerate the growth of the ride-hailing business.”  

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Features to Accelerate the Ride-Hailing Business are:

  • Customer Retention Options like the discounts/offers showed to the new as well as the long-term potential customers via the app itself prevent them from the switch over. 

  • Rating-based on Safety enables the customers to check the safety precautions like wearing mask, sanitizer, and rate the services as per those measures. 
  • Repeated Trips booking that makes the customers or the business peoples make the trips repeatedly by simply tapping the app. 

  • Secure Payments are the essential thing against the security threads. Carry the payments via the digital wallets, third party payment apps access with the data security surely increase the customer base. 

  • Earn Via Invite where the customers or drivers can earn by simply sending an invitation code to their relatives and friends to increase the app usability. 

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