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SpotnEats Releases A complete Food Delivery Software with Entire Restaurant Management Options

Press Release: February 28, 2020

February 28, 2020 - SpotnEats, the leading on-demand food delivery startup solution provider, today released the complete food delivery software that focuses on the built-up of the hearty kinship among the restaurant owners, delivery partners, and the customers. SpotnEats has deployed a new global release of a complete food delivery software that makes the owners perform out-of-box services like grocery delivery, alcohol delivery, pharmacy delivery, weed delivery, etc any delivery business to the customers through mobile devices. 

Features including real-time tracking, as well as multi-payment interfaces specially dedicated to the customer making it is easier to follow the orders and pay for their needs. SpotnEats also provides additional features for the administrators through route optimization,  cloud-based management, automated task management. 

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“Since we are a customer-centric mobile app solution provider, we are always opened to their needs. Having a deep forecast and analysis of the future trends of the on-demand food industry, Our passionate community develops a suitable solution to meet most customers’ challenges. ” - said Spokesperson, SpotnEats. “The new food delivery software release brings you a seamless experience to the customer in food ordering. Empowering with the real-time analytics, unique features to the software make the key players transform the food delivery business into digitization and make a loyal relationship with the customers”.

New Features Include:

  • Visual Tracking, which enables the customer to see the movement of the delivery partner digitally through the google map functionalities.

    • In-App Conversation, making the customer feel free to communicate with the restaurant owners regarding the quality of food and the delivery partner.

  • Route Optimization, enables the delivery partners to optimize their routes in case of emergency and dense traffic in order to reach the destination on time. 

  • Call-through App, that establishes a strong connection between the customers and the delivery partners with some additional information.

  • Transparency in Sales, achieved through consistent tracking of the sales record for diverse restaurants. 

About SpotnEats

SpotnEats provides the food delivery app solution for new startup ventures, single food stores, and restaurant chains. This offers the seamless browsing of food items and restaurants to provide a comfortable delivery experience to the customers. Management interfaces dedicated to profile, order, and earning help the delivery partners to process the orders in a convenient way.  Frequent updates according to the future trends are the special thing to make you on top of the on-demand food delivery industry.

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