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Sports Massage Clinic Expands in Neath!

Press Release: September 08, 2019

Due to an increase in demand, Sara Lucy Morgan – Sports Massage Practitioner, has extended her clinic hours.

Sara opened her clinic within Magnolia Centre for Health and Wellbeing, based in Neath, in April 2019 and has already had to increase her hours due to its popularity.

Sara has been a runner for approximately five years and really enjoys being part of the running community. One day she decided that she wanted to be in a position to help her fellow athletes on their journey to achieving their goals so gave up her 15-year career as an Executive Assistant and retrained as a Sports Massage Practitioner.

Contrary to popular belief, sports massage is for everyone and not just for athletes. Anyone who spends their days sitting at a desk, carrying out a manual job or is a keen gardener can enjoy the endless benefits from having a sports massage.

Massage is also good for mental health; it does more than just help with muscle soreness or sports injuries. The challenges of daily life can affect sleep, work, eating habits and relationships as well as having an effect on the body. Sports massage can help to reduce stress which helps improve mental well-being and happiness.

“I get a massive sense of achievement when I know that the massage I’ve provided has helped to create positive change in my client’s life. Whether it’s relieving achy shoulders or helping improve an athlete’s performance. There is no better feeling!”

Sara is based in Magnolia Centre for Health and Wellbeing which is located in the heart of Neath, overlooking the beautiful Victoria Gardens. They offer a variety of services and weekly classes in the tranquil, serene environment of a renovated Victorian townhouse. Their passion is their client’s wellbeing and making alternative therapies and classes accessible to everyone in the community.

“I decided to open my clinic within Magnolia Centre for Health and Wellbeing because Selena and Hannah Booth have created a wonderful environment for therapists as well as their clients.”

The Booth family tragically lost their husband and dad to a rare form of cancer and know how important well-being is. Once a month, Magnolia opens its doors to cancer patients and the loved ones that care for them to provide treatments for free.

“I love being able to donate free massage treatments at ‘Sanctuary Sundays’. I have always wanted to be able to give back to the community using my skills and Magnolia helps me achieve this.”

For more information or if you would like to book a sports massage appointment, please visit Sara’s website at https://www.saralucymorgan.com/

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