Press Release: December 30, 2009

Emma James the NLP Sport performance expert is taking her journey right.

The UK based mental performance therapist for other sports people has undergone major surgery and is now blogging on her recovery, the mental set backs and the changes she notices as she strives to return to competition.

Emma James won the WPC World Powerlifting Championships once again and took another world record with an incredible 172.5kg bench press and overcame a long standing shoulder problem which she then immediately had surgery on.

The blog is designed to help other athletes that I work with and sports people who dont have access to see me to recognize some of the issues they in fact may face post injury or trying to regain confidence in their competing ability.
One of the things that never seems to happen is that the therapist and coaches like myself never open themselves up to show others the obstacles they in fact have to overcome and how they use the techniques we use with our clients for our own advancement and performance. There are too many experts in sport who have never in fact competed at an international level or had to overcome confidence issues, injury and the many other problems athletes face, and yet they feel they have the right to work with sports people?
The blog is designed to hopefully help others pick up on the techniques I use for myself and with clients and identify with how they may be able to use them for themselves.

Emmas NLP Sport performance optimization courses she has taught in the UK, USA, Nepal and Poland are now being taken to South Africa. She has started already working with individuals in Cape Town and is in the process of setting up a monthly clinic there to continue the work she has begun once her own rehabilitation finishes. Sport performance in South Africa and mental coaching is a relatively new phenomena and she is taking her ground breaking courses and techniques to the place she feels most at home.

Her own competing career spanning 20 years is still ongoing with plans to take further records at the World championships in 2010 in Finland.

To read her blog and see the sport performance techniques she uses with her clients for her own recovery go to http://emmajamesnlp.wordpress.com or visit her site at c

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