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Spiro Control Ltd unveil new factory optimisation device

Press Release: November 08, 2016

Spiro Control Ltd is pleased to introduce Spiro: the factory optimisation device that continuously monitors and analyses factory sensor data, performs closed loop control, and operates as an edge gateway delivering real-time data to business intelligence and operational excellence software in the cloud.

The solution is appropriate for a range of applications in industrial manufacturing and is designed to easily connect to any control system. High performance edge processing, a built in optimisation engine and an intuitive user interface create new opportunities for increased profitability.

• Pre-configured with leading edge State Space Control software
• Industrial Internet of Things ready
• Industry standard IEC 61131-3 compliant
• Continuously monitors and responds to disruptions 24 hours a day

We are currently seeking manufacturing partners in the below sectors to pilot the device. Partners should aspire to continuous improvement of their manufacturing processes through reduction in operating costs and improved efficiency.

• Food and beverage manufactures (milk powder, sugar, coffee, etc)
• Oil and gas
• Pulp and paper
• Textiles
• Cement
• Chemicals

As part of the pilot we will deliver the following:

• Before installation undertake a site survey and provide a benefits report
• Install the device which includes modelling, commissioning and optimising settings
• Provide regular monitor reports assessing the effectiveness of the device
• Report the main achievements at the end of the study

For more information, please contact:
Daniel Thorpe, Spiro Control, email daniel.thorpe@spirocontrol.com, tel +44 7472172120

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For more information, please contact:

Visit the newsroom of: daniel.thorpe@spirocontrol.com