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Spirituality abundance with ‘KAKA BHAJANS’; Book One of 500 devotional bhajans from Satguru Shri Devendra Ghia (Kaka) published.

Press Release: June 15, 2020

During the COVID19 crisis which has stricken the world into instability of their spoken words, thoughts on minds and desires of the heart; devotees have driven their attention towards this new spirituality source named ‘KAKA BHAJANS’. This new devotional platform has 10,000+ by spiritual guru – Devendra Ghia. They recently published their first book with 500 bhajans titled ‘Bhaav Samadhi Vichaar Samadhi’.

Pure. Positive. Precise. These words perfectly describe the bhajans by Devendra Ghia. The Author, Satguru Shri Devendra Ghia (fondly called as Kaka), was born on 6th November 1927, in the city of Mumbai, India. He was initially an atheist and did not believe in god. His mother was a pious lady who followed all rituals and regularly visited temples. He would not enter the temple and stand outside with his hands behind his body and never would bow down to the deity. Once Devendra and his mother went to the local Laxminarayan temple in Mumbai where he had an unusual experience. He suddenly saw the temple enlarging and the engulfing him. He also saw the idol of Laxminarayan smiling at him and then saw the presence of Laxminarayan everywhere. He was so engrossed and moved by the entire experience, that automatically his hands unfolded and came to the front of his body. Devendra bowed down to the holy presence and folded his hands and said, “Yes, I acknowledge you. I realize you exist, and you are present in the tiniest and tiniest of things in this world. This world exists because of you and you are the creator of everything in this universe. You are present in everyone and everything. “With this experience, Devendra had his first step in the path of spirituality. He started worshipping god religiously. Initially, he worshipped God in the form of Krishna, then Ram and eventually as Siddhambika Mataji (the divine mother).

He started writing bhajans and 500 of these are published in this book. More than 7000 copies were printed of this book and 5000 copies were sent as a free distribution to temples across India. They received kind reception and have helped devotees as well as other spiritual sages in their devotional growth. All new publications will follow similar path and copies will be sent to as many temples as possible so that his teachings can help those looking for devotion and direction. All Kaka Bhajans are being published in book series ‘Bhaav Samadhi Vichaar Samadhi’.

Spiritual connection to the Almighty is a surreal emotion that few are able to achieve even though its pathway is an unpuzzled road. Kaka Bhajans can help you to take the steps ahead and make progress towards Niravana.

You can access Kaka Bhajans on kakakbhajan.org or also download the mobile app from Google Play and App Store.

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