Home Speechmarks Blog relaunches as Culturegloss, "a magazine for hated millennials"

Speechmarks Blog relaunches as Culturegloss, "a magazine for hated millennials"

Press Release: October 19, 2020

Culturegloss - a magazine comprising eclectic culture, features and interview pieces for the issues and themes that affect millennials, is soft-launching this week. Culturegloss was originally a blog covering Manchester, UK but soon started to cover more wide-ranging issues, millennial cultural themes and ideas. With its 2020 relaunch, the aim of Culturegloss is to give a voice to Millennials who are often mislabelled and misunderstood in the corporate media conversation, and to help inspire and further boost the visibility and understanding of the rich diversity of Generation Y's multicultural communities from the UK and around the world. With just two weeks to go before the soft launch, Culturegloss magazine prepped its editorial calendar for 2021, with its topics focusing on pop culture, politics, films, games and sourced editorials based on millennial themes such as sustainable travel, politics, technology, #vanlife, #plantmom and more. Jane says the magazine encourages millennials to feel proud of their generation, their digital culture and of being "the last generation being the last people to experience life without the internet at the very start of their lives, who are now mostly responsible for the way it is today and crucially, its evolution as part of the wider publishing paradigm," she continued. Culturegloss can be read now at https://www.culturegloss.com Email: [email protected]

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