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Press Release: March 27, 2019

Special Metal
March 27, 2019
Special Metals is one of the premium and reliable suppliers and exporters of stainless steel and nickel alloy pipe fitting products. We manufacture a wide range of special metals, nickel alloys etc. we have end number of customized sizes and grades available in steel and nickel alloy products. We have the strength and capability in fulfilling our clients any volume of products requirements with same quality and durability. We have over 18 years+ experience in the industry.
We provide our clients with a long range of products to choose from. Our aim to be a one stop shop metal manufacturing industry for our global clientele. With a wide range of products to offer in all major grades we have vast inventory for customers ranging from small job shops to major manufacturers relying on us as their one-stop shop supplier.
We manufacture and supply the following products:

 Copper
 Stainless Steel
 Aluminium
 Lead
 Nickel
 Titanium
 Tantalum
 Niobium
 Molybdenum
 Zinc
 Nitinol
 Cadmium Copper
 Silver Brazing Rod
 Inconel
 Beryllium copper
 White Metal
 Monel
 Tungsten copper
 Virgin Metal
 Hastelloy
 Naval Brass
 Nickel Alloy
 Phosphor Bronze:
 Aluminium Bronze:
 Tungsten
 Duplex Steel
 Alloy steel
 Cupro Nickel
 Nimonic
 Brass

With a huge portfolio of steel and nickel alloy products we have a huge client base in Gulf, European, American, African and Balkan Countries.

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