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Spare slots for DJs and MCs on KRISISDnB.COM

Press Release: April 12, 2010


We have an opening for a few new shows on the station for either up and coming DJs or good bedroom DJs who want to make the next step into getting more known.

We only charge £5 per month (not per show like some stations) which helps us cover our station and streaming costs. Ideally to pay this you should have Paypal although we are able to cover other methods of payment.

Requirements :

Good mixing skills
PC with decent broadband connection (ideally NOT wireless)
Some basic knowledge of pcs in order for us to help you set up pc to broadcast

Benefits to you :

Worldwide exposure through an international website and station
Free Sub-Domain (xxxx.krisisdnb.com) to build your own website
Free personalised Email address (xxxx@krisisdnb.com)
Opportunities to play at KRISIS events and special shows
Free webspace to store your pictures, flyers and other promo material
Get your recordings and studio sets played on our archive request system

If you are interested then please send upload a 30min demo to www.dnbshare.com and send us an email with the link to admin@krisisdnb.com
Join one of the longer established stations on the net and increase your own exposure


Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Malcolm TaylorMalcolm TaylorMalcolm TaylorMalcolm Taylor

Email: admin@krisisdnb.comadmin@krisisdnb.comadmin@krisisdnb.comadmin@krisisdnb.com

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