Press Release: June 07, 2021

NEW Southport copywriting agency Write Again Ltd is backing the Better Business Act to encourage the government to amend Section 172 of the Companies Act.
The Better Business Act calls for Section 172 of the Companies Act to be amended to require all businesses to be legally responsible for benefitting their workers, customers or clients, their communities, and the environment, whilst still remaining profitable.
The recommended changes to Section 172 are to ensure that directors meet society requirements and expectations, as well as those of shareholders.
Currently, Subsection 172(1) of the Companies Act 2006 says that company directors should promote the success of the company, and have regard for the environment, and customers or clients, and suppliers, however, it’s not mandatory.
Like all supporters of The Better Business Act, Write Again Ltd wants to ensure that companies of all sizes align the interests of society with their shareholders. According to Better Business Act research, over 75% of voters and consumers want businesses to do better when it comes to protecting the environment.
Write Again Ltd is in good company, as over 500 companies, including household names Brewdog, Danone, Graze, Iceland, Innocent Drinks, John Lewis, Patagonia, Quorn, The Body Shop, and Waitrose, have already backed the Better Business Act.
With just four simple principles, Aligned Interests, Empowering Directors, Default Change, and Reflected in Reporting, the Better Business Act wants the changes implemented so businesses remember that people and society are equally as important as profits.

Matthew James, founder of Write Again Ltd said, “We’re a small copywriting agency in Southport, Merseyside, and don’t have raw materials, regular supplies of physical items or a factory, but we’re still extremely conscious of our effect on the environment. We want to make sure that our clients and our suppliers are committed to improving the community as well as cash flow.

“We know that we can and should try and make a difference to our society as well as our clients. Being a supporter of the Better Business Act is important to us and reminds us of our commitment to our community as well as our company. We define, measure, and focus on metrics other than simply profit to determine how successful our business is.”
Write Again Ltd founder, Matthew, is a ProCopywriters member, and has over 15 years of commercial website content creation and copywriting experience gained from helping businesses of all sizes from tradespeople to Premier League football clubs.
Amanda Swift, Write Again Ltd director of operations said, “I’m passionate about being able to help our community as well as our clients, and we strive to put people before profit, so signing up to the Better Business Act and promoting it, makes sense to us.” 
Businesses looking to balance people and profits are encouraged to look into the Better Business Act at http://www.betterbusinessact.org.

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