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Soul Indulgences presents Teaching Yoga Through Story Series for Kids

Press Release: March 22, 2010

The benefits of yoga are well known. Various trends and fads have come and gone with fitness and exercise. However, because of the believed benefits, both mental and physical, yoga has been able to endure and become a favourite amongst celebrities and non-celebs alike.
Many adults have taken up yoga and are avid followers of the discipline, but yoga for kids it is still in its embryonic stages. Increasingly, kids are rolling out their yoga mats, barking like dogs, roaring like lions, and hissing like snakes. While yoga classes for kids are wonderful, more often than not, they are almost impossible to find. Soul Indulgences recently launched their new Yoga Kids DVD, bringing these classes directly into ones living room, using a fun story format to keep children interested and motivated.

Child yoga is an enjoyable activity that can provide major benefits to children. It will help them grow stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally and they'll have a lot of fun too! Our strong story format combines with high quality animation keeps children engaged. Three different levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced) make yoga accessible for all ages.

Our expert Shraddha Setalvad, a yogini based in India, has created four different stories around the poses that the children will follow. Their imaginations are stretched as their bodies are engaged and challenged. Each story is meant to be nothing more than fun and then as this happens they unconsciously reap the benefits of yoga and start applying it to their daily lives. Shraddha aims for these dvds to be as entertaining as it is instructive. Often the children will pretend to be the animal for which the pose is named. For instance, when they are doing Cat Pose, they become the cat.

The Stories
* Sally Cat wants to be a Tiger: Discover Yourself with Sally - Learning to Accept Yourself
* Noahs Arc : The Rainbow of Hope.
* Saluting the Sun: Tippus Enlighteninin Adventure
* The Lord of All Beginnnings - Ganesha: "The Magical Head"

Yoga Kids is intended to instill healthy and peaceful values in young children. To find out more about Soul Indulgences new website, visit www.soul-indulgences.com

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