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Soul Indulgences launches a new website

Press Release: March 01, 2010

Soul Indulgences, an online portal catering to peoples interests, announced today the launch of its website. The website offers a unique set of online material designed to cater to individuals who do not have access or the time to attend these classes in person. All the courses offered are fun and informative.
Devia Melwani, Soul Indulgences founder, said: "Our aim is to create an entertaining, friendly, creative and enriching environment to allow people of all ages to develop their interests, grow and interact with each other. Our interests can vary from Fashion, Music, Food, Dance, Yoga etc. etc and as go we grow we would like to develop as many of these interests. It is important to create communities that share similar interests as well as be able to try out different experiences. The focus was to create to positive environment that we can retreat to and just have fun. Ultimately, this is a website that looks at you as an individual, life and the positives in life.
To find out more about Soul Indulgences new website, visit www.soul-indulgences.com

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