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Press Release: January 22, 2021

“A little progress each day adds up to big results”.

SORDITENTURE team believes in this mantra and today we are acknowledging our small step before taking a big leap forward. We are delighted to announce that our company is now recognized as a Startup formally by the Government of India, Ministry of Commerce & Industry Department for Promotion of Industry, and Internal Trade. 

SORDITENTURE team has highly qualified Digital Marketing savvies. Our offering is exclusively for all companies who are in dire need of rebranding themselves to sustain in the market or Start-ups stepping into the competitive market and determined to mark a spot in the industry. 

We serve companies in building their organic traffic on their websites while optimizing SEO along-with SEM, google ads (PPC), and Google analytical. Lead generation has been a hectic job for all of us in this Digital domain and it acts as a crucial success factor, thus we assist companies in that aspect also via providing Customized Email Marketing services. Other offering includes Affiliate Marketing as well. But we are not stopped here and came with an offer that is most crucial for those who are passionate about starting their own E-commerce store. SORDITENTURE is offering to set up your E-commerce store on Shopify, inclusive of all managing services as per customer’s need. 

SORDITENTURE is expanding beyond its Digital Marketing domain, yes you heard it right we are stepping into the Electronic Waste Recycling Industry as well. The founders of the company have been inclined towards this social problem of improper disposal of the E-waste in landfills and were determined to do whatever possible in curbing this haphazard of E-waste. And we are here with our plan to set up a fully functioned recycling facility in the country in the next few months. Since the inception of the company, we are the advocates of Circular Economy and Sustainability, thus we are commissioning our recycling facility in which E-waste will be dismantled, segregated, and recycled in a proper sustainable manner without harming our immediate environment and leaving zero carbon footprints.

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