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Sophisticated, exclusive elegance: Decobel silk damasks

Press Release: June 01, 2016

Montemurlo (PO), May 2016 - Impressive technical expertise and an exclusive design technique lie behind the creation of Decobel’s select silk damasks: unique fabrics woven from a single warp and a single weft of fine-quality threads. The decoration stands out clearly from the background thanks to the contrast created between the shiny part with the matt of the wrong side, thus allowing for the creation of sophisticated, original patterns.

“Prized silk damask, with its ancient origins, effectively testifies to the quality of Italian craft manufacture”, says Gabriele Guidoni, Art Director of Decobel. “Our company offers a rich selection, able to bring a distinctive glow to furnishings and guarantee an unforgettable impact”.

ALCEO 3212 is a fabric that comes in 5 colours, in which the silk warp and the weft in cotton, linen and acetate combine to create distinctive material effects. The pattern is exquisitely detailed, featuring large acanthus leaves that form broad spirals on a background reminiscent of lace. The inspiration is Baroque, yet this silk is perfectly at home in contemporary settings.

ALHENA 3231 is a fashionable classic, available in 6 colours, with an elegant, stylised floral pattern. A splendidly captivating silk damask, popular and much admired both in Italy and beyond.

CAMOUFLAGE 3216 is a silk damask jacquard that comes in 10 colours. Extremely modern and edgy, with intense, contrasting nuances.

ELISE 3192 is a damask on a silk and nylon warp with a lamé allure. With 7 personalised colour options available, it is ideal for decoration, thanks to the bright, prominent print effect.

OPERA 3204 is a silk damask in 6 neutral colours with clearly evident relief effects able to bring volume to the setting it appears in. Woven with a retractable weft to create a three-dimensional effect, with a finishing process that brings the background to life, giving the extremely classic design a contemporary allure. The silk satin makes it suitable for drapes and upholstery.

OTTONE 3247 is a silk damask in 5 colours, with a weft in cotton, linen and acetate. It brings a fresh, contemporary slant to a traditional design, thanks to an original textured effect on the background.

STYLE 3215 is a silk jacquard in 10 colours. A damask with a pictorial appearance, thanks to the effect of the various weaves on the weft.

VILLA 3217 is a silk damask, the flagship product of the collection, the very essence of Decobel taste and style.

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