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Sonic Hearing Aids Centers international competition

Press Release: May 18, 2016

Sonic Hearing Aids takes immense pride in announcing that they have ventured into the business of international brands of hearing aids. To complement the marketing function and penetrate into domestic and international markets, they have been using internet-marketing tools as well. Their official website, sonichearingaid.com, has comprehensive information about various international brands of hearing aids like Phonak, Gn Resound, Sonic, Widex, Unitron, Siemens and many more, along with their features, image illustration and benefits.
Sonic Hearing aids are one among the few prominent suppliers of hearing aid equipments in Mumbai. They have treated several patients by offering top quality international brands of digital and analogue hearing aids. Their hearing aids are designed to cater various kinds and degrees of hearing loss, power requirements and options, manual dexterity abilities, cost factors, and cosmetic concerns. Sonic Hearing aids are most trusted digital hearing aid traders in Vashi, as they have offered hi-tech and sleek hearing aids that have features like recording, taping, etc.
They manufacture different hearing instruments like ICC, Open fit, receiver in Canal, Open Canal, etc. Headquarters of Sonic hearing aids in Parel, has served and satisfied a large patron base. Complete information about their products and services is available on our website for international customers as well. To know more about Sonic Hearing Aids or to place an order, visit their official website sonichearingaid.com.

Sonic Hearing Aid Center
81/84, Spectrum Health Care Centre,
Lady Ratan Tata Medical And Research
Centre, Cooperage, Karve Road, Nariman Point,
Mumbai – 400021
phone no - 09819 00 95 27
Email ID :sonic.hearing.aid@gmail.com
Website :www.sonichearingaid.com

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