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Songstress Sherrie Keys Sings Gospel Music One Melody At a Time

Press Release: March 22, 2010

"One of my daily pleasures is telling God thanks." says gospel songstress Sherrie Keys. "I reap the benefits from giving God thanks every moment that I'm alive. For me, every day is a day of thanksgiving. I thank God for all the wonderful blessings in my life. Most importantly, I thank God for this melody in my heart."

Sherrie Maria Keys is a gospel songstress with a warm, vocal style that harkens back to to a golden age of gospel and jazz. The sultry songstress has established herself with honey-rich vocals, captivating audiences with an elegant, hauntingly beautiful voice.

Armed with a warm spirit and an infectious smile, her musical gifts serve as a platform for ministry beyond music. The talented, gifted soprano has recently celebrated the formation of her own music label, Chubby Girl Records and has established a non-profit ministry for philanthropic projects.

Birthed in a musical family, Keys has been singing in choirs most of her life, opting to remain in the shadows of the gospel music industry rather than pursue the spotlight. This time around, all eyes will be on Sherrie Keys as she readies her CD release "For Anointed Ears Only" under her own Chubby Girl Records label.

"Maturity complements gospel singing." says Keys. "You need to experience life, with all of its ebbs and flows to truly execute gospel music. You have to have loved and lost, buried a loved one or two, or suffered the pain of disappointment to sing with conviction. I didn't have enough life experience when I was 21 to sing from the depths of my soul. I have the experience now and besides, I didn't choose music ministry. Music ministry chose me."

Keys adds, "I think God places in all of us a desire and a yearning for worship. Music, particularly gospel music compels us to spiritual expression. We have a divine desire to sing God's praises and a divine responsibility to share the wellspring that pours forth from God's praises with others."

Keys states that if gospel music is the conveyor of good news, then it's the best conduit for giving thanks and praise. "Everyone wants to hear good news. The best news I can share is that a grateful heart will unlock the key to your purpose and that a better life has been earmarked for you and me. That's a great reason smile. It's a great reason to sing."

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