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Somerset, UK - discovery of a pigeon that can read

Press Release: March 30, 2010

When Somerset farmer Ken Fogupiny discovered that one of the pigeons in his stableyard was friendly towards him, and confident enough to take food directly out of his hands, little did he know how this friendship would blossom.

Ken started to feed the pigeon one morning as he was working away with a sandwich in one hand. He was a rum little chap, bobbing his head asking for more crust from my bread. I named him Funky

Ken and Funky the pigeon soon went everywhere together, but Ken's wife drew the line at coming inside the house, as Ken recounted: She didn't want poop all over the surfaces - so Ken took to reading the paper outside in the yard, with the faithful pigeon on his shoulder.

Earlier this week, he was reading a news article in a local paper which was detailing the culling of pigeons around airports and major cities using birds of prey. Ken describes what happened next: Funky started to coo in a really agitated manner, and flew on the page of the newspaper, tearing it up with his beak and pooping on it, I couldn't believe my eyes. I asked him if he was upset and his head started to nod furiously."

"I threw the paper in the bin and now I am careful about which articles to read. Funky prefers adverts for bread and now Easter is almost upon us he especially enjoys hot cross buns

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