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Some Extra help for UK charities online

Press Release: January 04, 2019

Social Media and Charity are a match made in heaven. It’s a great place to get the word out about a charitable cause and put it in front of the masses to help with fundraising. Extra Windows in Kent do lot of fundraising for charity and this year was no different. Using social media, Extra Windows launched a competition for charities to get their name noticed online and get a £1000 donation to their charitable cause.

Using Facebook, Extra Windows launched a free competition for charities to enter. The competition was simple, get people to comment the name of their favourite charity on the Facebook post and the charity with the most mentions would win the £1000 donation. This was a great way to help a charity, it gave charities of all sizes the chance to win and helped get the name out there for many charities we may otherwise not have heard of. The only rules where that they had to be an official charity with a registered charity number.

Extra Windows are a home improvement business based in Medway City Estate in Kent. The competition was not restricted to just local charities though, there was an amazing amount of different charities from all over the UK entering the competition with over 1000 entries all hoping to take home this amazing donation to their cause.
The comments were counted, and the winner was announced online. On Friday 21st December the winning charity was announced, and they came down to the Extra Windows showroom in Kent to collect their BIG cheque. The winner was Mayflower Performing Arts, a charity from Essex who provide an affordable activity for the young people of the community and have been running for over 40 years. This is clearly a well-respected charity, with masses of votes from them and some truly passionate messages online from their members past and present. Extra Windows were happy to hand over the cheque to such a deserving charity and it was lovely to see some of the young members coming along too.

Nick from Extra Windows tells us “We are a family run business and as much as we have grown to compete with the national companies, we will always have these family values firmly within our business. It’s great we are able to regularly give back to the community and are happy our donation will make such a difference to this worthy cause”.
Social Media is a big asset for businesses online, helping to build awareness of their brands, show offers and help to interact with their customers. When in the right hands, it’s also a great platform to give something back to the community and help others who may be in need. Extra Windows have demonstrated this again with their £1000 charity competition.


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