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Solutions To Simplify Work From Home

Press Release: March 30, 2020

The WHO declared that COVID-19 is now a pandemic! 

To help the government’s cause in containing the spread of this virus, organisations and businesses have shut their offices and started working from home. This calls for a need to have seamless collaboration remotely. 

Below is a list of enterprise communication tools that with help you in making ‘Work from home’ not just convenient, but also productive for your business:

Join - 

Join is an online cloud meeting platform that simplifies video conferencing like never before. Broadcast Webinars on meetings on-the-go, start them in simply three steps - 

  • Enter and verify your email address
  • Generate your Join call link 
  • Click to start your meeting

Be it Brainstorming Sessions, Strategy Meetings or Training & Development, Join helps you connect seamlessly. 

Check it out here: https://telebu.com/join

grptalk - 

With grptalk, Large Scale Conferencing has never been easier! 

Especially for businesses with scattered teams, grptalk is your instant conferencing solution, as it eliminates the need for the internet or the app to connect. 

It is a mobile first audio conferencing app that enables tele-meetings with 500+ people in under 30 seconds. 

Check it out here: https://telebu.com/grptalk


Ping is a robust communication platform built to handle large scale communication via text, audio and video while ensuring privacy, security, reliability and control.

It’s not just a messaging app, businesses can use Ping to chat, share files, host large scale group calls or broadcast via video within the enterprise. They can centralize business communication by integrating Ping with other applications.

Check it out here: https://telebu.com/ping

About Telebu

‘Tele’ stands for Telecommunication and ‘Bu’ stands for Business, and together, since 17 years, we help solve the impending issues of enterprise communication with tools that help you maintain better relationships.

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