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Solo Exhibition of Narrative Paintings titled “Natura Series” by Dhimant Vyas

Press Release: October 10, 2020

 Press Release: For Immediate Dissemination

“Natura Series” Narrative Paintings


Dhimant Vyas

Exhibition dates: 13th – 18th Oct. 2020

At http://www.gallerypradarshak.com/2020/10/online-exhibition-natura-by-dhimant-vyas.html

 About Dhimant Vyas’ art:

“My world is filled with the rich colours, flavours and the details of stories I hear, literature I read, music I listen to; sounds that fill my days and life experiences that I come in contact with”, says Dhimant Vyas, artist and animation film designer.


In his paintings, these details coalesce to take a visual form – many a time connecting and constituting a narrative. And many a time, they become a means for his self-expression.

In the current painting series “Natura,” (Latin for nature), the artist works with a new style synthesised from a fusion of folk art and imaginative world art. At its base are Mother Nature and her many fascinating representations in Indian folk art. She anchors this series, probably representing his deep concern about her erosion in our race for urbanisation and a sense of urgency to get reconnected with her.

His paintings lend both, solidity with their details, and otherworldliness to his work. And Dhimant views characters, culture, emotions, and instances through this layered lens. Consequently, the narratives are sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, and sometimes even trippy.

“I chose mediums like acrylic on canvas, watercolours on paper to complement the richness I want to bring alive. Ethnic colours add fullness. Original gold foil is the finishing touch”, informs the artist.

 An alumnus of the National Institute of Design, Dhimant has honed his skills in animation film making with diplomas in Communication Design and Applied Arts. He is an Animation Film Designer who has worked with brands like BBC, UNICEF, FCB ULKA, Zee TV, MTV, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, to name just a few. His work for Taare Zameen Par, Happy Planet, Cute Bunny, Y-snore, MTV promos and his photography have won him several national and international awards. Dhimant paints, sculpts, and pursues photography in his time off work.



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