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Solid Print3D Ltd: Offering High-Quality Markforged 3D Printers Today

Press Release: September 15, 2020

Solid Print3D Ltd (https://www.solidprint3d.co.uk/) is proud to be one of the most trusted Markforged 3D printer resellers right now. From the classic Markforged Mark Two to the sophisticated Markforged Metal X, they have all of the best 3D printers available these days.

Markforged 3D printers from this reseller are known for their user-friendly features, durability and stability, allowing the use of carbon-reinforced components for almost any kind of project, such as kevlar, carbon and fibreglass.

Most importantly, these printers can be used with a simple browser-based software Eiger. Thanks to this, users can produce more flexible 3D printing projects with the software’s selective fibre reinforcement and slicing intelligence. Slicing 3D models using web browsers and importing projects to cloud storage are also possible using Eiger.

Aside from 3D printers, Solid Print3D also offers Markforged materials. Among their available products are 800cm3 Onyx Filament Spool £150.00, 150cm3 High Temp Fiberglass CFF Spool for £225.00 and 150cm3 Kevlar CFF Spool for £225.00. Please take note that these prices do not include taxes, and Solid Print3D reserve the right to alter them even without prior notice.

To the convenience of their clients, Solid Print3D also offers Spool packs. These include a full package of carbon fibre, printer nozzles, and filaments. Also included are helpful printer tips to help users maintain their Markforged printers properly. By acquiring Spool packs, customers are expected to save around £290 excl. VAT than other buyers.

Solid Print3D also provides regular and world-class support to Markforged 3D printer users, helping them make the most out of their equipment and ensure that they fully understand every feature it can offer. In fact, this reseller also offers 3D printing training and courses for FDM/FFF and SLA printing.

Additionally, the company offers the Markforged Success Plan, which helps Markforged printer owners keep their equipment in best condition through regular repair and replacement services, customer support, and discounted prices for new printer parts.

Interested parties may visit their website at https://www.solidprint3d.co.uk/ to know more about their available Markforged and other 3D printers, as well as acquire a free unbreakable sample.

About Solid Print3D Ltd

Solid Print3D Ltd is the largest Solidworks reseller in the United Kingdom right now and one of the largest resellers worldwide. They offer seamless 3D CAD and 3D print support to a huge range of engineering and design companies. Through their wide customer base, reliable professional advice, and efficient support services, they have become a top choice by many when it comes to all kinds of 3D printing needs and processes. To get in touch, reach one of their representatives by sending an email to info@solidprint3d.co.uk or calling 01926 333 777. For written questions and concerns, fill out their online contact form at https://www.solidprint3d.co.uk/contact-us.

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