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Solar powered lighting in a box!

Press Release: January 19, 2010

The best thing about solar power is that its abundant and free. With the ever rising fuel costs, the Photovoltaic technology that harnesses the free power of the sun and converts it into electricity is advantageous. Lighting is an essential usages of electricity, especially in rural and remote areas.

For over 20 years Sollatek has strived in producing solar products and supplying the right solutions for all types of customers. One of its most desirable and successful products is the all inclusive* solar lighting kit SLK4. A robust fully self contained lighting kit that provides up to 10 hours lighting on 4 bright florescent lights. Central to this kit is the Sollatek SPCC (solar power charge controller) that manages the charge from the two supplied solar modules and protects the battery from harmful over charge or discharge.

Designed for simple installation with clear instructions, the SLK4 contains all accessories including tools, cables and fixtures. The system provides a low cost reliable and expandable solar system that you will only pay for once and is maintenance free. The kit is fully expandable; the user can simply add further solar modules, batteries and lights, in order to increase power to household appliances such as TV, satellite, radio etc

Low cost
Simple to install
Fully expandable
Maintenance free
High reliability
2 years Guarantee

Remote military outposts
Beach huts
Building sites
Small offices

For more information click here: http://www.sollatek.com/product-detail.asp?id=969

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