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Social Trading & Copy Trading inside trade.Berry

Press Release: May 09, 2017

How does it work?

trade.Berry’s philosophy is all about an exclusive community which develops an environment 100% transparent and a friendly user experience. Technology, speed and useful tools, but, beyond all of these, trade.Berry's key element is its users.

What exactly does Social Trading mean?

Traders, Analysts, Introducers, Networkers, all of them gathered together in one place having common goals, where human interaction, transparency and ethical behavior are the core values. Members are sharing their trading experience with others, posting analysis and debating on the market - in one word - they are connected! Their primary focus is on the market, as they no longer have to spend time and resources in finding information, clients and so on, they do what they are the best at. Because trade.Berry is an exclusive community, you can join it by invitation only. You will find it on www.sales-am.com, the one and only informational HUB for trade.Berry's community.

Together with Social comes the Copy Trading practice:

Get to meet other experts from around the world, exchange ideas, share opinions, compete, and, most of all, make friends! trade.Berry has developed a public top of Traders & Analysts inside the community, so if you are a beginner in online trading, you can copy trades from others in exchange for a negotiated commission. You can learn how they do this and in time, you can start to be copied by others.

How to establish a Copy Trading relationship?

Search in the top or find your expert trader you want to copy. You decide whom to follow by checking the trader's profile, his trading history, reviews from other members and the evidence of profits and losses of his transactions. Then, in exchange for a negotiated commission between you and the trader, your copy trading relationship might begin. This commission is a percentage of the net profit generated by copied trades.

We welcome you into a world where you can evolve in ways you never thought possible. trade.Berry will eventually lead you to your true self!

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