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Social Media Site For Timeshare & Fractional Industry Gets Everyone Talking

Press Release: March 04, 2010

Perspective Magazine, the shared ownership industrys leading trade publication recently launched the first standalone social networking platform dedicated to the timeshare and fractional ownership industry, combining the most popular features of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all on one website.

From initial promotion only, the site has already attracted in excess of 600 registered users, who have generated more than 75,000 page views and issued more than 2,000 friend requests over the past fortnight, with word of mouth now growing the site exponentially each day.

The site was created to encourage timeshare and fractional developers, marketers and suppliers to network more efficiently, thereby creating opportunities for new collaborations, strategic partnerships and extending client portfolios.

What makes this site standout, apart from its vast array of features, is its leverage of Perspective Magazines readership which exceeds 22,000 registered industry professionals around the globe who are currently being invited to register free on the website.

Weve had a lot of feedback from users of the website, all of it positive and it has started well, but there are still quite a few additional features to roll out yet such as an iPhone App, but due to the complexity of the site we have a few weeks still to wait for this. The marketing for the site has only just started by the end of March we expect to have the largest social media group of industry professionals available online, and then well only be at about 10% of the expected number of registered users for the coming months. Said Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO of Perspective International.

To join Perspective Forums simply visit www.perspectiveforums.com

For more information about Perspective Magazine (Trade), Owners Perspective Magazine (Consumer) and advertising and editorial opportunities visit www.perspectiverates.com

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