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Social Media: One Strike and Out

Press Release: April 13, 2010

The benefits of social media marketing activity can go unrivalled when it comes to engagement with modern consumers, but mistakes can be equally as costly according to Reality Digital, a leading provider of social networking software for brands and businesses.

With numerous brands already finding success through marketing on social media platforms, the number of businesses planning to execute social media marketing campaigns is set to increase in 2010. However, just as there have been success stories, there have also been costly mishaps that have spiralled out of control in the real-time environment of the online social sphere.

Reality Digital has indicated that brands and businesses need to have a clear framework and plan in mind when executing social media marketing strategies, as means of ensuring that all bases are covered, and that all of the parties involved are clear on procedure when it comes to consumer interaction that is openly visible in the social sphere. The etiquette in social media marketing is constantly changing with the online environment, and it is important that brands are reactive to this.

Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, said: There have been several occasions in social media marketing where brands have let slip on some information that they shouldnt have, made comments that may inflame or alienate their communities, or failed to be reactive in informing their communities of developments in times of crisis. The developing nature of social media marketing has meant that although brands are constantly learning how to manage their online communities, some have been scrutinised heavily for the mistakes that they have made.

The use of a brand focused social network can significantly reduce the risk of such mishaps occurring, as all of the networks activity is conducted and monitored in a secure environment that is ultimately controlled by the brand. However, despite this, the ability to engage and interact with the brands audience is unaffected.

Reality Digital is a leading provider of online community software for brands and businesses, allowing them to make the most of social networks as part of their marketing efforts. Brands can use a variety of features, such as the ability to upload content from mobile devices and a HD video platform, to produce and promote high quality content to create conversation opportunities with their users.

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