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Social Media Marketing in the Wake of Covid-19

Press Release: July 27, 2020

Some brand pages stopped forever, some just started while the rest continued their social media handles as usual – how has such choices by brands and businesses impacted social media marketing in the wake of Covid-19?

At Nivida Web Solutions a 12+ years old Digital Marketing Company in Vadodara, India we have been continuously supporting brands and businesses tackle their social media marketing at best even in the wake of Covid-19. Based on our experience, let’s take an in-depth study to understand how social media marketing is working under the threat of the novel Coronavirus.

Cost per click (CPC) increase

CPC increased to quite an extent in this pandemic and the same has been confirmed by Facebook. Facebook CPC bounced back up to 10% in the month of April. Paid advertisement figures are thus benefiting brands in the wake of Covid-19. Regional ad spend in this crisis hour has been recorded highest from North America.

Cost of Advertisement

As a repercussion of the CPC increase, now the cost to advertise on social media marketing is lesser for brands and businesses. Audience is also spending greater time on social media. Considering this, we at Nivida Web Solutions are encouraging entrepreneurs to start their campaigns fresh on social media at the best lowest cost along with us. Nivida Web Solutions also offers Search engine marketing and search engine optimization services in Vadodara.

Click Through Rate

In the wake of Covid-19 brand click through rates have declined. This reflects that audiences now prefer organic content over paid ones. Reliable organic content pushed by good social media marketing efforts has really been successful even in the Covid-19 times.

As listed above, our clients have also experienced some or few of the above social media marketing repercussions in the wake of Covid-19. Yet, as the best digital media agency in Vadodara, we have helped all our clients comfortably pass this tough phase and also guided some new businesses to begin their social media handles. Nivida Web Solutions is also counted among the top search engine optimization agencies in Vadodara

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