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Soccer City, the strategy board game for football lovers

Press Release: August 06, 2015

Soccer City is again on Kickstarter to produce the English edition of Soccer City & the Miniatures!

Soccer City isn't just any board game, but rather it is a well defined and realistic take on the game of football. This complete football simulator features turn-based actions that players can take such as dribbling, tackling, unbelievable goaltender saves, beautiful shots on goal, and also detailed tactical moves. These actions will remind football fans of how intense the real game is.

Both players will serve as the coaches of their respective teams as they will place 7 Miniature players on the board in any formation of their choosing. Both players will be dealt a hand of 12 cards before the start of play, Attacking and Defensive Actions, Shot on Goal cards, and Ballcards.
There are also 2 Tactical Pads that both players will use to assess which tactical moves to take in the game.
Another unique feature in Soccer City would be the Referee Die. Any player who commits a foul has the option of rolling the Referee Die. If the player doesn't roll the Referee Die there will be a foul and a free kick for the opponent. Rolling the Referee Die contains 3 possible outcomes; the referee whistling a foul, the player gets a yellow card, or the defender regains possession of the ball.

Half length typically takes anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes and complete games of Soccer City take around 90 minutes to finish.

Soccer City is in the Spanish market from 2013. Since then the game has received numerous comments, reviews and ratings from Spanish bloggers, magazines and a lot of fans. Soccer City has been described as the most realistic football board ever made.

Now Soccer City is again on Kickstarter to produce the English edition. And now comes with the Miniatures: 11 different pieces in plastic, with bases.

You can get the "Bobby Charlton" reward from €39 that includes the fully functional game.
You also can pledge €79 for the "Wembley Stadium" reward, that includes the game and two teams of miniatures (22 pieces).

Significantly, the campaign includes some Packs for retailers and groups who can save up to 45%, such as x5 & x10 packs.

Back the project on KICKSTARTER until 20 august.

If you like football, you’ll love Soccer City.

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