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Snazal Wholesale Books Now Offers The Beast Quest Books series 1 ( 1 to 6), by Adam Blade

Press Release: June 18, 2015

Snazal Wholesale Books now offering one of the best fantasy fiction novel The beast quest series 1 books set collection books 1 to 6 from the series.

Snazal Wholesale Books (link: www.snazal.com) introduced the readers the beast quest books series 1 books 1 to 6 books sets. This fantastic fiction novel series contains the titles: “Beast Quest Ferno (Fire Dragon No. 1), Beast Quest Sepron (Sea Serpent No. 2), Beast Quest Arcta (Mountain Giant No. 3), Beast Quest Tagus (Horse Man No.4), Beast Quest Nanook (Snow Monster No. 5) and Beast Quest Epos (Flame Bird No. 6)”.

This Beast Quest novels series composed by working partner group under the pen name Adam Blade is considered as one of the best fantasy fiction novel series especially for boys aged 7 and above. The novel series is remain as favorite fiction books to many of its readers by its beautiful adventures.

"The beast quest series 1" by Adam Blade is describe as clearly and simple writing with its fabtastic adventures, Beast quest series is one of the best high fantasy novel for children.

The story is plot on the imagination magical land of Avantia with many unforgettable fictional characters. Blade carefully designed the novel series packed with plenty of action in a simple and clearly method to understand by young readers. The Beast Quest series books are describe by people as “ the simple and clearly written” and with many beautiful adventures.

Avantia was uder threat of beast so the young village boy Tom feels horrified and want to help Avantia, this is one of the fantastic adventures for the story. The question is will the oung boy tom can save Avantia from evil wizard…?
To own yourself this fantastic fiction novel, users can visit our online bookshop on Snazal (link here: http://www.snazal.com/beast-quest-series-one-6-books-collection-set-book-1-to-6--DEALMAN-U9-BQSeries1-6bks.html) also can choose by categories listed on the homepage by different genre, authors, or titles. We are designed for easy purchasing to every customer with a checkout application that allows customers to purchase books online.

Sample quote: “We’re excited to offer The Beast quest series 1 collection to our customers, especially for children who love fantasy novel,” said xx of Snazal. “There is nothing more than reading, and lets try to encourage our children to read and discover more and more books, widely popular series such as this one.”

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