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Smiffy Summersson - He Was A Soldier - Release Date V.E.Day 8th May 2010

Press Release: March 19, 2010

'He Was A Soldier' - A song written by Smiffy Summersson in 2004 to commemorate and pay tribute to all those soldiers whove fought for their countries and what they believe in. From World War 1, World War 2, the Gulf War and all conflicts throughout time and around the world. After hearing that in U.S.A alone in 2008, more soldiers commited suicide than actually died in combat, Smiffy Summersson realised that a lot of money was spent on funding the armed forces in battle (although some still say not enough), but when it came down to looking after the soldiers/vets after they return from service there was still a lot that could be done. It was during the current fighting in Afghanistan early this year that he decided to release the track officially on V.E Day 8th May 2010, after receiving the backing he needed from Koothoomi Records.

On learning about 'ABF The Soldiers Charity' he decided to donate 60% of all profit from the track to the fund, who look after and continue to care for soldiers of all ages after their return from duty.

Smiffy Summersson born on 8th May 1980 spent his 15th birthday mixing old records at his V.E DAY street party in his home town of Stanford-le hope. From then on he learnt to play guitar and has been in a series of bands, all the while still writing and performing as a solo artist as well. In 2001 he spent a year in Australia travelling and writing songs. He then came back to England for one year, saved enough money to buy a camper van named "Donny Wilber Pilvolli", and travelled for three months from Amsterdam to Italy, then followed the coast of Spain, France and Portugal and then back home. He then moved to Brighton, that was where he penned the track He Was A Soldier. He played as a solo artist in venues around Brighton and also could be seen from time to time busking and playing He Was A Soldier in and around Brightons city centre.

In 2007 he almost found success in a band along side his brother called The Secret Members after they were signed to a small independent record label, recorded an album, played at The 100 Club and the London Astoria, supporting The Cockney Rejects. They had an official single release but unfortunately the band split.

He is currently in a band called the 'Sine Architects' who are expecting a big year as well as performing solo material locally and on demand around essex.

'He Was A Soldier' by Smiffy Summersson is to be released on V.E Day 2010 on Koothoomi Records and available on download only, and with Facebook groups and MySpace pages set up to spread the word about this worth while cause, he will be hoping to raise plenty of money for ABF The Soldiers Charity.

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