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SMEworld - the business tool to improve sales and customer retention

Press Release: January 18, 2010

At SMEworld we help our clients get under the skin of their SME customers and play an active role in contributing to their business success through:
An in-depth understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by SMEs
Discovering how SMEs operate and their management styles
Building long-term partnership relationships through understanding the business impact and value in providing strategic products and services
Adding extra value by being informed business advisors
Confidently providing proactive solutions to drive business development
Interacting and testing new initiatives with their unique, virtual SME customer located at a secure and dedicated location on www.SMEworld.co.uk

We achieve these results through integrated work-based solutions that create a route map through the complexities of SME business. Blockages and hazarders are overcome, knowledge and confidence gained, unknowns managed and the future anticipated.

We measure success through our clients business results:
Increased sales existing and new customers
Retention and growth of business
Improved customer satisfaction
Individual and team development

We offer unique, measurable and effective processes for improving your productivity and profitability, by empowering your people with the knowledge, confidence and attitude to provide competitive advantage.

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