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Smartro's New ST49 Pro Digital Thermocouple Thermometer

Press Release: June 03, 2020

Smartro’s new digital cooking thermometer ST49 Pro Digital Thermocouple Thermometer went into production on the 1st February, 2020. This thermometer will be released into the market in June 30th, 2020 as it will be selling on Amazon, where Smartro's products are being sold, as well as the official website.

In order to achieve a better experience for its users, Smartro has made several changes and improvements in this cooking thermometer. These improvements brings a great feeling of accomplishment, as they, continuously, work towards attaining the betterment of the Kitchen Appliances Industry.

Smartro’s new ST49 cooking thermometer is an instant read thermometer that gives a rapid response when measuring temperature. With this thermometer, the latest thermocouple technology was adopted. A few of the features of the ST49 Thermometer:
1. Instant read within 1 – 2 second(s) with accuracy of ±0.5°F; currently the best speed and accuracy in the market.
2. Waterproof (IP67); device can be submerged in up to one meter of fresh water for half an hour.
3. Simple and intuitive; easy to use, even for a first-timer.
4. Motion sensor and ambidextrous; device sensor enables it to sleep and wake up automatically, and also flips results when device is rotated.

About Smartro
Smartro is a high quality thermometer startup company that has dedicated its resources in temperature measurement to ensure the highest of precision in the food thermometer industry as well as the indoor-outdoor/weather station thermometers.

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