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Smarter Products Retail: Radius Garden Tools Now At Smarter Products

Press Release: April 08, 2010

These innovative tools from the USA are set to change the way you look after your garden forever. The advanced design of their range of tools are devised to make the sometimes arduous task of taking care of your garden easier, and more comfortable.

There are three types of tools available from the Radius range at Smarter Products;

1.PRO Lite Tools - £26.95 each
The tools in the PRO Lite series are made from carbon steel, with fibreglass shafts, . Radius patented O grip gives up to four times more gripping service than your average garden tools, allowing gardeners to grip using both hands. The PRO Lite range includes a spade, shovel, digging fork and transplanter.

2.Gator Grabber - £23.95
Described by Radius as the ultimate back-saving clean up tool, the PRO Lite Gator Grabber makes for easy clearing without bending or straining. The durable poly-fibre jaws will grab and cling onto almost anything; leaves, litter, logs, you name it. The Gator Grabber is also the perfect tool for stables and other animal-keeping environments.

3.NRG Hand Tools - £8.95 each
These durable and innovative hand tools are perfect for precision gardening, such as tending to flower beds. The natural Radius grip relieves the stress and tension from your hands and wrists, whilst the light aluminium blades are strong enough to tackle any gardening challenge. The NRG range includes a trowel, transplanter, weeder and cultivator.

The Radius Garden Tools are currently available to order from the Smarter Products website, for delivery within a few working days.
For more information about the Radius garden tools, visit the Smarter Products website at http://smarterproducts.co.uk/acatalog/Radius-Garden-Tools.html.
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