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Smarter Products Retail: KWID Learning Watch Now Available from Smarter Products

Press Release: March 24, 2010

Smarter Products are pleased to announce an exciting new childrens product hitting their website in 2010 the KWID Childrens Learning Watch.

The KWID watch can help your child manage their time in an amusing way, and not spend too much time on a single activity throughout the day, which leads to a more balanced life for both parent and child.

Thanks to its unique hourglass function, your child will know how much time they have left to watch TV, play with friends, play computer games, or how long it is before bedtime.
Parents can choose the duration of the activity by filling in the amount of time on the electronic hourglass. When its empty, an alarm is activated and Mother Rabbit pops up to signal the end of the activity.

Your child can easily make the connection between the clock hands and digital display numbers. By pressing the "kid" button, the hour hand flashes simultaneously with the corresponding figure for the hour.

An entertaining animation can be selected by the children in order to make the clock more amusing than a simple time display screen.

Kids can also use the kid button to choose the desired function of the watch (reading time, time left before the end of the activity, funny animations).

The KWID Learning Watch is available to order in a range of colours from the Smarter Products website.

For more information about the KWID watch, or any of the Smarter Products range, visit the Smarter Products website at http://www.smarterproducts.co.uk/.

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