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SmartBuyGlasses Using e-Commerce to Rebuild Communities and Fight Deforesation

Press Release: July 17, 2017

Deforestation has a devastating impact not only on the environment and wildlife, but also on some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Farmers depend on trees to fertilize soil, purify water and control natural forces such as erosion. With this in mind the SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group, an e-retailer for designer eyewear, are proud to announce their partnership with Eden Deforestation Projects to plant a tree in Haiti, Madagascar, or Nepal for every pair of Oh My Woodness! eyewear purchased.

Madagascar is home to more than 200,000 species of plants and wildlife which do not exist anywhere else in the world. With just 10% remaining of the original forested areas both the wildlife and the local people who rely on the land are suffering. The loss of whole Mangrove estuaries has affected the environment in an overwhelming way; without the roots systems of the trees the land washes away with the changing tides. With the loss of the Mangrove trees comes the loss of vital resources from building materials to medicines for the local people.

“What we are succeeding at is restoring the environment and as we lift the environment we lift the people out of extreme poverty” Steve Fitch, Founder of Eden Deforestation Projects

The Eden Projects is a non-profit organization that hires local people in impoverished communities to plant trees, thereby providing a reliable income for families and creating a sustainable environmental model. By partnering with the Eden Projects, SmartBuyGlasses aims to use the power of retail to uplift vulnerable communities. When our customers buy a pair of Oh My Woodness! eyewear, they will know that they are helping to make real, sustainable changes in people’s lives.

Haiti has lost 98% of it forests with more being destroyed by the continuous demand for fuel for cooking, the main source of fuel is charcoal produced from the dwindling supply of forested areas. Without the forests offering protection from natural forces such as hurricanes and the degradation of the soil, local farmers are unable to produce food to feed their families and fall deeper into poverty.

“By partnering with Eden Deforestation Projects we can make a positive impact on the environment and the people who rely upon it. We aim to empower the individual to uplift their community.” David Menning, CEO SmartBuyGlasses


About The SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group

SmartBuyGlasses is an independent eyewear e-retailer, led by the belief that every customer deserves the opportunity to ‘find what they love’ without breaking the bank. We believe that to empower an individual is to empower a whole community. Through our Buy-One-Give-One program, we donate a free pair of glasses for each pair purchased on our website to a community in need via one of our non-profit partners across the globe. So far, we have donated over 78,000 pairs of glasses with a value worth $2 million.

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