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Press Release: November 14, 2017

The smart video doorbell VEIU - new color nickel
November, 2017

The VEIU video doorbell is now also available in the color variant nickel in the UK. This was announced today by the managing directors of Gebrüder Eggerz (the Eggerz brothers). The reason is the many interested clients’ requests for this color variant offered in the USA during the successful sales launch.

The intelligent video doorbell VEIU ( www.veiu.co.uk ) – a flexible product, which is in the trend of the time
Smart doorbells, as produced by the innovative Silicon Valley based company Eques, are a hot topic in the UK market as they enlarge the smart home security segment. The doorbell VEIU with its unique features positions itself here as a product with the greatest possible flexibility and a mixture of safety and comfort for the end customer.

New: The VEIU in a new color

From now on, VEIU is available with an additional new color, requested many times by customers. The color variant nickel fits well with popular colourings for front doors. “Therefore, we are pleased to announce that clients can also order this color", states the managing director Arnbjörn Eggerz. The color variant "copper" is of course also maintained and in supply. The discount designed especially for the market launch of VEIU in the UK applies of course also to the new model.
The VEIU in nickel is likewise distinguished by numerous technical features including a monitor. In addition to the classic bell button, the VEIU is equipped with a camera, motion sensor, microphone and loudspeaker. This turns the smartphone into an intercom in your pocket. There are also many other useful features.

A smart video doorbell and the right mix of comfort and safety
Many interested parties are enthusiastic about the fact the end user has a free choice to use the doorbell either via the monitor or with the app, says Arnbjörn Eggerz, one of the managing directors of the Gebrüder Eggerz UG & Co.KG. Thanks to this dual mode, VEIU is also particularly suitable for users of all ages, from children to elderly people.
Even scenarios, such as the "login into" the doorbell of e.g. your own parents via the app in order to assist them can be realized with it. This is a great relive for those whose parents stay at home alone.

In addition, the installation is easy as there are only four parts. The assembly should be done in five minutes, even for the layman. It is also not necessary to lay a cable. The device works with a battery. In particular, it is to emphasize that the doorbell VEIU does not come with a paid cloud service for full usage. Images are stored either directly on the integrated microSD Card or on the memory of your smartphone.

Special offer around the market launch of the video doorbell in UK
For the market launch, there is also a one-time special promotion. Interested customers can secure a doorbell along with 20% savings. Pre-orders are now possible via the website www.veiu.co.uk.

The small VEIU: VEIU Mini

Not affected by the new color variant but just as good to look at is the VEIU Mini. Since not every door has the same size, there is also a smaller brother the VEIU Mini. This variant of the doorbell has the same basic functions. Nevertheless it comes with a different configuration. This means the monitor is smaller, the resolution a little lower and the battery is not quite that strong.
Yet, it’s a good alternative for customers looking for a bit lower specs.
The VEIU Mini is also available on the website.

About the companies

The Gebrüder Eggerz UG (haftungsbeschränkt) & Co.KG (www.eggerzkg.eu) is a German based, family owned company with the headquarter in Karlsfeld, nearby Munich, and was established in January 2017 to expand the existing and successful business activities.
Mission of the company is to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern products and services from the digital field and smart home. Service areas include security retrofits of real estate, trade with smart home and security products as well as software e.g. the productivity apps for Office 365.

Eques settled in Palo Alto, California, in 2016, in the heart of Silicon Valley. The name Eques derives from the Greek word Aegis and means protection. This is what Eques stands for.
Eques is supported by Eques Technology and has a technology-driven core team with a strong R & D background. The product range includes high-quality Smart Home security solutions including the video doorbells.


Gebrüder Eggerz UG (haftungsbeschränkt) & Co.KG
Herr Arnbjörn Eggerz
Gottfried-Keller-Weg 6
85757 Karlsfeld
fon : +49/8131/260226
web : www.eggerzkg.eu/

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