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Smart Kitchen Timer from OrbSense Technologies Puts an End to Distracted Cooking

Press Release: October 05, 2016

Despite all of the technical advances in the kitchen, cooking remains an activity which requires time and a good degree supervision. As a result, people are often unable to easily monitor certain cooking activities while moving about in the home. Often, home cooks must leave an active kitchen unattended for short periods of time (e.g. to take a call, to let out the dog, to change a baby's diaper, etc.) and it’s easy to become distracted and forget to return in time. This can not only result in boil-overs and overcooked food, but can also create serious safety issues. Even worse than the inconvenience and the mess, is the valuable time you lose.

Now there's cluck, the smart kitchen timer from OrbSense Technologies.

OrbSense Technologies is a Seattle based start-up creating innovative products which deliver micro-moment utility.

cluck, the first product for the company, is a patent-pending kitchen temperature sensor and timer which works with the pots and pans you already own. The sensor and app work together to make it easier to monitor and prepare some of your favorite foods more conveniently, consistently and safely every time you cook. Now when you set a pot of water to boil, you can set cluck and focus on something else. When you cook with cluck, you can have the peace of mind that when your eggs, noodles or potatoes need you, the app will call you back to the kitchen.

Fully functional prototypes of cluck have been produced and tested. The final product is now ready for mass production and will be kicking off with a crowd-funding campaign on IndieGogo this October.

Life is busy. Free up your mind, free up your hands and free up some time.

For more information on cluck, go to: http://cluck.orbsense.com

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