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Smart Covid 19 Protection on board of aircraft

Press Release: July 10, 2020

In cooperation with Lufthansa Technik, Krüger Aviation has developed an easy-to-install and lightweight Covid19 protection for passengers on board aircraft.

With the travel restrictions slowly diminishing and airlines beginning to fly on more and more routes again still one big question will remain. Do passengers will buy tickets again? Are they feeling safe enough to board an airplane and sitting only a few centimeters away from strangers for a couple of hours?

For sure, airlines are ramping up their hygiene standards and guidelines, offering masks and hand sanitizers, cleaning the lavatories on regular intervals…. Still one problem is present - especially in economy class - it is just not possible to keep social distancing to your neighbor.

What additional protection could be offered? Lufthansa Technik and Krüger Aviation accepted this challenge and entered into a cooperation that combines the know-how and network of Lufthansa Technik with the agility and young spirit of Krüger Aviation.  One development result are seat dividers that provide a physical separation between the seats.  Lufthansa Technik is concentrating on the certification and marketing, while Krüger Aviation is responsible for the manufacturing of the dividers.

The focus during development was on a very versatile approach to achieve a design that can be easily adapted to different types of seats without having to change anything on the seat itself. In this way, airlines can easily introduce them into their fleet.  By using aviation-certified polycarbonate, the seat dividers offer an aesthetic design while ensuring that flight attendants have a full view of the cabin and that all fire safety requirements are met.  Branding can be introduced on the dividers through sandblasted areas with elegant appearance.

The dividers are installed on the middle seat of each row leading to a physical protection between all passengers – without the need to leave a seat empty.  During airflow tests in the cabin the beneficial protection against the spread of aerosols and droplets was verified. Disinfection of the seat dividers is not a problem, as the material is resistant to common disinfectants and cleaning agents.

Certification is under way with targeting the market introduction with a supplemental type certificate (STC) from EASA in one to two months. The whole divider adds only around 600-800 grams to a row of three seats, so no recertification of the seat itself is required.

Installation is done in an easy way so that a whole cabin can be easily fitted within a few hours during a normal night shift


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