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Smart Antenna Technologies won 250K smart grant from innovate UK

Press Release: July 20, 2016

Smart is a grant scheme which offers funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to engage in R&D projects in the strategically important areas of science, engineering and technology, from which successful new products, processes and services could emerge. The winning applications are selected on a rolling basis by assessment of independent experts.

SAT scored extremely highly to be awarded the grant and was one of the last companies to join the over-subscribed competition. The 250k grant will enable the development and fabrication of a multi-port, multi-band pre-production antenna system demonstrator for the smart phone market and accelerate discussions with potential customers. This work builds on the successful laptop hinge multiport antenna system already produced by SAT.

SAT was founded by Dr Sampson Hu in 2013 based on his conceptual antenna technology research during his PhD at the University of Birmingham. The company has designed, developed and patented a pioneering smart antenna technology which provides an efficient and low cost antenna solution for the mobile device and infrastructure market. Its patented SmarTenna® technology addresses the ever increasing market demand and the challenges of future wireless systems defined in LTE-A in terms of bandwidth, performance, cost and size.

As a market leader in antenna innovation and development SAT has also been able to pursue business opportunities in market segments, such as Tablet, Smart TV, Connected Car, Small Cell and IoT/M2M in addition to those of mobile phones and laptops.

SAT already has more than 60 patents/patents pending and is continually generating new inventions in response to the ever-changing customer demand and technology trends.

SAT‘s strong engineering team also works closely with a number of experienced design houses and global semiconductor manufacturers which help to create and refine its technology roadmap.

‘The future is incredibly bright for SAT and we don’t as yet see any limitations to our technology. SAT is continually seeking ways to enhance the performance of its antenna systems and seeking to improve manufacturability to reduce costs. Most importantly our systems will allow customers to have significantly better wireless connectivity than they currently have.’ said Colin Tucker, Chairman of SAT.

Sampson Hu, founder and CTO of SAT added ‘As one of the most promising young tech start-ups, I believe SAT is innovative and competitive enough to shine and provide more ground-breaking antenna solutions which will highly improve people’s wireless experience.’

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