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Smart Antenna Technologies launch SmarTenna®, patented antenna technology for future wireless connectivity

Press Release: April 04, 2016

Birmingham, 1st April 2016 – Smart Antenna Technologies (SAT), a Birmingham-based start-up announced SmarTenna® the technology trademark for its advanced antenna systems today.
SmarTenna® is a patented antenna technology that is used in Smart Antenna Technologies antenna systems for a wide range of devices that include laptop, smartTV, mobile and tablet. The single antenna system combines patented antenna elements that support multi-port, multi-band wireless standards, with adaptive antenna tuning and circuit technology to optimise RF performance over a wide bandwidth. This allows dual band Wi-Fi, LTE-A, Bluetooth and GPS/GNSS to be supported in a more flexible manner with a single, cost effective, compact antenna system.
Given the inherent isolation within the patented antenna elements of SmarTenna®, wireless standards can co-exist concurrently. Additionally, SmarTenna® also allows LTE bands from 450-6GHz to be supported, including multiple carriers in the LTE-A Carrier Aggregation. SmarTenna® addresses the challenges of future wireless systems defined in LTE-A pro and 5G in terms of bandwidth, performance, cost and size.
“SmarTenna® technology contains not only sophisticated high performance antenna element arrays but patented active circuitry to tune and enhance the overall system performance.” said Colin Tucker, Chairman of SAT.
Sampson Hu, founder and CTO of SAT added “With SmarTenna®, we enable end users to have much better wireless experience anywhere anytime without being burdened by high costs commonly associated with the rollout of new technologies in smart devices. With SmarTenna®, we believe every business, carrier and mobile user will be able to embrace 5G and other new technologies in a more effective manner.”


About Smart Antenna Technologies Ltd
Smart Antenna Technologies (SAT) is a private technology startup founded by Sampson Hu in 2013. SAT technology is based on antenna technology research and developed by Sampson Hu during his PhD at the University of Birmingham. SAT has filed more than 60 patent applications covering the USA, Europe, South Korea, Japan and China. SAT operates a licensing business model based on its patented technology.
SAT has designed, developed and patented a pioneering smart antenna technology which provides an efficient and low cost antenna solution for the mobile device and infrastructure market. Target markets include smartphone, tablet, laptop but the technology can also be applied to expanding markets including SmartTV, Connected Car, Small Cell and IoT/M2M.

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