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Small Businesses Putting Portishead on the Wedding Map

Press Release: February 17, 2010

Tuesday 9th February, saw 6 small businesses from Portishead rally together to organise a catalogue quality photoshoot. Each of the businesses involved focus certain aspects of their business on the wedding industry and provided their time and resources to be a part of this exciting shoot.

Now is the time when most bridal couples will be choosing their suppliers for their upcoming Spring and Summer weddings, so this group of Portishead business owners thought it would be a good idea to showcase their products and services. Each owner took a day out of their busy schedules to do what they do best. The aim was to involve only local businesses and show the talent and high standard of service that Portishead has to offer its bridal community. The resulting images will be used to demonstrate these high standards.

The businesses in question are
Abigail from The Photogra4; Zoe from House of Zozo; Joanne from Jay Gees Beauty; Maxx from Lauras Hair Studio; Joanna from Katherine Jo Designs; Sara from The Royal Inn Portishead

Contact details:
Photography by The Photogra4: 01275 847 169/ www.photogra4.co.uk
Jewellery by House of Zozo: 07807 489346/ www.houseofzozo.co.uk
Makeup by Jay Gees Beauty: 01275 847 796/ www.jaygeesbeauty.co.uk
Hair by Lauras Hair Studio: 01275 847 988
Dresses provided by Katherine Jo Designs: 01275 846 270
Venue of shoot at The Royal Inn Portishead: 01275 843 944/ www.theroyalinnportishead.co.uk

It was an extremely long and tiring day, (it started at 11am and ended at 10pm), but with the energy, sense of humour and determination shared by each business owner involved, the comraderie among them has led to a sense of community and knowing that they are not alone in the tough reality of running a small business in todays demanding times. They all agreed that networking like this will also help put Portishead on the Wedding Map.

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:


Tel: 01275 847 16901275 847 169

Email: abigail@photogra4.co.ukabigail@photogra4.co.uk

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